Notice of Mobile Health Camps for Eye Care by the Ministry of Public Health


The Ministry of Public Health is pleased to announce the launch of a project aimed at establishing and equipping mobile health camps to provide essential eye care services in remote and rural areas, with the objective of reducing the incidence of blindness among underserved populations.


Funded by AID, this initiative will dispatch a fully equipped mobile health team to Ghani Khel district in Nangarhar province from 05/03/1403 to 18/03/1403. The following services will be provided at no cost to eligible individuals:

- Cataract Operations: Up to 250 surgeries will be performed.

- Distribution of Eyeglasses: 450 pairs of glasses for near-sightedness will be distributed.

- Medical Treatment: Essential medicines and treatments will be administered to 4,500 patients.

Residents of Ghani Khel district and neighboring areas who are experiencing eye health issues are encouraged to take advantage of these complimentary services at no cost during the specified dates.

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