The provincial hospital of Samangan province has successfully activates a base chlorine production machine

Sat, Apr 06 2024 1:59 PM

The provincial hospital of Samangan province has successfully installed and activated a base chlorine production machine known as the Maxi-Wata device Sodium hypochlorite. This machine, valued at 8,200 US dollars, was acquired through financial assistance provided by the UNICEF office. It has been installed at Shaheed Doctor Keramuddin Wakilzadah provincial hospital, where it possesses the capability to generate 65 liters of chlorine within a span of 4 hours.


Maulawi Muhibullah Bahari, the esteemed Director of public health of Samangan province, expressed sincere appreciation for the collaborative efforts of UNICEF. He views the activation of this machine at the provincial hospital as a significant stride towards delivering high-quality healthcare services to the underprivileged population of the province.

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