New appointments have been made for the leadership positions at three central hospitals within the Ministry of Public Health of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Sun, Mar 31 2024 12:38 PM

In a meeting convened by the Honorable Mullah Mohammad Hassan Mohammadzai, Head of the Ministry of Public Health's office, Hamidullah Navid has been appointed as the head of Dasht Barchi 100-bed hospital, Naqibullah Jamshid as the head of the 50-bed hospital, and Mr. Asadullah as the head of the disabled and rehabilitation hospital.

Addressing the attendees, Mullah Mohammad Hasan Mohammadzai emphasized the importance of adherence to established protocols and regulations within the system, as directed by the esteemed officials of the Directorate of Ministers. He highlighted the significance of these changes for the advancement of health services and the enhancement of coordination among departments.

Furthermore, Mullah Mohammad Hasan Mohammadzai extended his best wishes for success to the newly appointed heads of these hospitals. He urged their respective staff members to maintain the level of cooperation demonstrated in the past to ensure timely access to healthcare for patients and the prompt resolution of their health challenges.

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