Procurement Announcement; Telemedicine Implementation in Northern Afghanistan


Publish Date

Closing Date

Location North Provinvces

Consulting Services
(Health, Telemedicine, Implementation Consultant)

Deadline: August 7th, 2020
(1 pm AET)

Ref.: International, open Tender for Consulting Services: Implementation Consultant for Telemedicine in Northern Afghanistan

KfW Procurement No.: 505703

Country: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Project:  Telemedicine in Northern Afghanistan (AA No.: 2097 10 260)

Project Executing Agency (PEA): Ministry of Public Health of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (MOPH), represented by KfW


Project measures: With funds provided by German Federal Office (Auswärtiges Amt), the German Financial Cooperation “Telemedicine in Northern Afghanistan” project (AA No. 2097 10 260) (the “Project”) will support the expansion of telemedicine networks in Northern Afghanistan with a focus on Mother and Child Health Care (MCH). The Project will finance video conferencing and tele-medical workstation equipment in three (3) provincial hospitals (Faizabad, Kunduz and Taloqan) and one (1) regional hospital (Mazar-e-Sharif) for an expansion of the telemedicine services. These hub hospitals will also be provided with comprehensive telemedicine infrastructure along with adequate workstations for specialists as well as with selected digital diagnostic equipment. Further, up to 38 selected healthcare facilities on district and community level will be supported with selected digital diagnostic equipment and essential telemedicine equipment which shall facilitate connection to the hub hospitals. The accompanying measures complementing the investment measures focus on the development of a  regulatory framework for the use of telemedicine including guidelines for implementation and organization of telemedicine networks, guidelines on reimbursement of consultation services on telemedicine, development of the system for monitoring/evaluation of the efficient use of telemedicine services and legal basis for electronic patient records. Additionally, user trainings for new telemedicine equipment, its maintenance and appropriate methods for diagnosis and treatment will be provided.

Requested Consultant Services: Besides general management of the Project in accordance with KfW’s standard requirements and procedures, the scope of services for the Implementation & Accompanying Measures Consultant (“IC”) comprises responsibility for preparation of the implementation concept and the technical specifications for the telemedicine network and diagnostic equipment, the design of minor required civil works for selected health facilities including for roof top PV systems, preparation of tender documents and execution of tenders including bid evaluation in accordance with KfW Guidelines, award of the works and supply contracts, assume the role of the Employer’s Representative in accordance with the FIDIC Green Book and develop and implement a Remote Management, Monitoring and Verification (RMMV) process for supervision of installations and works. The IC shall assist the PEA in preparation, implementation and operation of the Project in compliance with World Bank ESF and the World Bank Group sector specific EHS Guidelines. As part of the accompanying measures, the IC shall, amongst others, organize user trainings including for operation and maintenance of the network and clinical use of medical devices for tele-diagnostics. The IC shall support the development of a business plan and guidelines for the use of telemedicine and develop an organizational structure and cooperation agreements between involved institutions. During the inception phase, a Peace and Conflict Analysis (PCA) shall be prepared.  


Key Personnel profile: The Consultant´s personnel shall be specialized in designing and installing large telemedicine networks including required hardware and software and related infrastructure. Experience in procurement of telemedicine equipment and expertise in biomedical engineering to support the procurement of high-quality equipment shall be provided. The proposed personnel will require expertise in civil engineering / architecture with focus on health facilities and experience in RMMV approaches and systems. In terms of relevant training expertise, the Consultant shall have experience in developing guidelines and operating procedures for telemedicine networks as well as clinical user trainings for telemedicine applications. Experience in Peace and Conflict Analysis (PCA) and Environmental, Social, Health and Safety (“ESHS”) aspects in the health sector is expected. The Consultant shall have experience in project management for Financial Cooperation-funded health projects including design of M&E systems and responsibility for financial management including management of Disposition Fund in accordance with KfW’s requirements.

Fluency in Dari / Pashto must be available, either through according capacities in the proposed personnel or through translators. Fluency in English language is mandatory for any key personnel. Regional experience in Southern Asia, especially in Afghanistan, will be considered an asset. Experience in fragile and conflict affected country contexts is deemed indispensable.

Prequalification: The Prequalification for Consulting Services will be guided by the latest version of the „Guidelines for the Procurement of Consulting Services, Works, Plant, Goods and Non-Consulting Services in Financial Cooperation with Partner Countries (January 2019 / available at”. It is foreseen to award the contract for the Services to an independent consultant firm or Joint Venture / Consortium with a proven track record in the required expertise areas. The minimum annual turnover of the consultant shall exceed EUR 3 million (or currency equivalent). For Joint Ventures / consortia, the aggregated turnover will be considered. Further information on financial and technical requirements is available in the Prequalification document which can obtained from the assigned Tender Agent by email to





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څرنګه چې ټولو هيوادونو ته د بهرنې سفر لپاره د کرونا ټسټ سرټيفيکيټ لازمي دی او د کرونا د ټسټ ترسره کولو پرته د سفر اجازه نه ورکول کيږي. همدارنګه د ډيری هيوادونو لپاره د ABBOTT . . .

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