Activities of Ministry of Public Health in the last week

Thu, Mar 14 2024 1:26 PM

Here is a summary of the Public Health Ministry's activities over the past week:


On Saturday:

- The Health Laws Monitoring Team of Public Health Directorate of Helmand Province conducted inspections of various private health centers, general clinics, pharmacies, and dental clinics in Garmsir District. As a result, 23 pharmacies, 18 general clinics, 7 private health centers, and 19 dental clinics were closed due to violations of health regulations.


On Sunday:

- Mr. Al-Haj Mawlavi Muhammad Ishaq Sahibzada, the Deputy Minister of Financial and Administrative Affairs of the Public Health Ministry of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, met with an international trader, Mr. Sheikh Bini Zayed Bini Sultanul Nayan, in his office. They discussed their foundation's involvement in the health sector, the current situation of hospitals, and the reconstruction of Jamhuriyat Hospital.

- Public Health Minister, His Excellency Dr. Qalandar Ebad convened a meeting with the heads of specialized and tertiary hospitals to discuss various topics including improvements in healthcare services, recruitment of professional staff, and salary increments. His Ecellency, Ebad listened to the problems faced by the hospital heads and assured them of solutions. He also emphasized the significance of Ramadan and urged healthcare workers to provide uninterrupted services to citizens.


On Monday:

- A foundation stone was laid for a health center in Maiwand District, Kandahar Province. This center, equipped with six rooms, will treat children suffering from malnutrition in the near future.

- The special team from the National Credit Office of the Public Health Ministry visited 11 private hospitals in the eastern zone to assess their performance based on the ministry's checklist. Necessary instructions were given to ensure the delivery of quality healthcare services.


On Tuesday:

- The Public Health Ministry provided 121 types of medicines and various medical equipment worth 3.2 million Afghanis to the provincial hospital in Konar Province.

- The Public Health Directorate of Nangarhar Province inaugurated a blood bank at the district hospital in Rodat District. Necessary equipment, including a fully equipped refrigerator, was provided to address the urgent blood needs of patients.


On Wednesday:

- The National Committee for Health Development and Policy of the Public Health Ministry held a meeting with the participation of Dr. Abdulazim Ahmadzai, a planning and reporting specialist, technical officials from the ministry, and representatives from the World Health Organization, UN Population Fund, and UNICEF. The meeting aimed to review the previous health sector development and policy processes and present suggestions for improvement, implementation, and finalization.


On Thursday:

- The Health Laws Monitoring Team from Balkh Province inspected some private hospitals and pharmacies in Charbolak District, resulting in the closure of unauthorized hospitals. Additionally, a quantity of expired and substandard medicines was collected and disposed of from some pharmacies.